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Image of OP Jade Mamba - 15th Oct

OP Jade Mamba - 15th Oct


A year has passed since the Golden Cobra incident. On a quiet patch between the MDF and MOK lines an ancient evil stirs. The fighting is sporadic in this area and the fighters of both forces are doing the bare minimum they can to avoid drawing the attention of higher ups who might throw them forward. The patch of ground in no mans land however used to house a USSR Blacksite for something that fell from the sky decades ago. It has been dormant since but the rumblings of civil war may shake something awake. Whatever it is will be bad news for both the MOK and MDF.

OP Jade Mamba is going to be our Halloween special this year so be prepared for some B movie silliness! We're running it with the Battlesim rules that you guys have been enjoying in the Flashpoint Moldenia games. There's a write up of what these rules are in the rules section if you're new (Don't worry they're not complicated!). Game cost is £25 for those who pre book and £30 on the day.

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