Squad Up Day


It's time to get the squad together, load up and kick ass out in the woods! This day will be run using our battle-sim rule set but without the camo limits so we can get some awesome firefights going around some of the cool areas of the site. Games will be 40-60 minutes long with breaks so you can load up on ammo and coffee in between. Please be on site for no later than 9:15AM, Safety brief will be at 9:30 followed by first game.

Battlesim rules:
Battlesim days run a little differently than a skirmish and this is to promote deeper teamwork and to enhance the realism. HQ areas mentioned below will be the spawn points for each team on Squad Up! days.

There will be ammo limits on these days and these limits are not the total amount for the day but how many you can carry on you at time in-between reloads. Reloading can only be done at either a HQ, FOB or rally point. The limit does not include ammo in your sidearm. Snipers/DM's can take a SMG for a sidearm but the ammo for it will be included in your limit. The ammo limits split between classes which are:

RIFLEMAN: 600 Rounds



SNIPER: 200 Rounds

When you are hit in a Battlesim day you are not immediately out of the fight instead you are wounded. Hit the ground where you were shot and shout for a medic. Each squad will have one medic which will tie a bandage on your arm. Once applied you are back in the fight. If you or the medic are shot during this process then you are both counted as wounded. If a medic is wounded then anyone can apply a bandage to him from his medic bag. If you need to moved while wounded a friendly player has to have both hands on you to move/drag you. This can be done up to 15 meters.

When your squad is out of bandages the squad must fall back to either a HQ, FOB or Rally Point where the bandages can be removed and handed back to the medic. If your squad takes 75% causalities it must fall back to one of the previously mentioned areas as it is deemed combat ineffective.

Each Squad must have a member with a radio so they can stay in touch with other squads and HQ. We have commercial frequencies that will be issued on the day for each team. PMR radios are not suitable for this. Contact us if you need help finding a suitable radio. The ones we use go for about £30.

No man goes to war alone! Remember to keep with your squad. If you're found lone wolfing it you'll be sent back to your HQ until your squad comes back to get you!

Any further specialist rules will be given to you on the day if needs be and the rest of the rules will be explained and demonstrated to you.